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tirecraft-logoAs an authorized TIRECRAFT dealer, Columbia Auto Service has the right tire for your vehicle and the knowledge to ensure you get the right tires installed at the right price. Choose from:



Give us a call, drop by, or complete the Find Tires For Your Vehicle form online and we will be pleased to contact you with your vehicles tire options and pricing, so you can make an informed decision.

Store your seasonal tires and rims at Columbia’s Tire Centre. We have two Tire Storage services:

    1. Agree to have all our your vehicle maintenance and repairs performed by us, and we will store your tires and rims for a storage fee of $20.00 per year. We will follow your manufacturer’s vehicle maintenance schedule and we will schedule your service appointments, based on your driving patterns. If any factory warranty issues come up, we will look after getting all recalls and factory warranty work done at no additional charge.


  1. If you choose not to be part of our service plan, we will be pleased to offer storage of your tires and rims for only $120.00 per year.