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Rust and corrosion – Danger, Will Robinson!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015 @ 09:05 AM
posted by Sarah Voigt

As seen in the K-W Record and TheRecord.com: 

As Neil Young famously sang, “Rust never sleeps!”

Never a truer phrase was uttered. It does not take breaks, it does not go on strike. It’s an insidious form of vehicular cancer! Rust or corrosion is the bane of sheet metal making it very high on the list of things which, if left unattended, may cause thousands of dollars of damage to any vehicle. sarah

Rust is the result of a basic chemical reaction that thrives in our south western Ontario climate. When iron (found in the steel components of your vehicle) mixes with air or water, it will quickly start to corrode. Factor in the abrasive salt and sand used on our roads and it helps speed the process along. The fluctuations in temperature and humidity that we’ve grown accustomed to don’t help the situation either.

The experts at Columbia Auto Service and Tire Centre would like you to know that they can assist you in fighting off the effects of rust and corrosion.

Even though vehicle manufacturers have improved their anti-corrosion techniques, our invasive winters can still take their toll on your vehicle – especially here in the snow belt. Road salt and corrosive de-icing agents can creep into seams and crevices on your car’s exterior, causing rust to form. Innocent looking scratches on the paintwork are the equivalent of open wounds on your skin. Rust is always looking for a way to get a grip. A simple stone chip on the hood of your car could be where it all starts.

Rust will shorten the life of your vehicle and greatly reduce its resale value.

The automotive experts at Columbia Auto Service and Tire Centre can absolutely help. The best way to deal with rust is to be proactive. First and foremost, especially during the dirty winter months, make a point of washing your vehicle – regularly. Splurge for an under spray to help dislodge and remove winter sludge. Have Columbia take care of paint chips and scratches – sooner than later and, even though your vehicle may have been treated by the manufacturer, consider an additional aftermarket annual treatment.

Do not neglect your vehicle. Schedule an appointment with Columbia Auto Service online or call (519) 885-3520. There’s never a problem with preventative maintenance.