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How your vehicle “rides” can make a difference

Tuesday, May 26, 2015 @ 09:05 AM
posted by Sarah Voigt

As seen in the K-W Record and TheRecord.com: 

Ever notice how some cars just seem to feel better when you drive them? Much of that sensation is due to the health and quality of the suspension system. While much of the maintenance focus is on fluids, your suspension – struts and shocks – also need regular attention.

Replacing worn parts on a regular basis will provide a noticeable improvement in handling and, of course, overall comfort. Manufacturers and aftermarket suppliers actually recommend changing your struts and shocks every 80,000 km – for safety and for a smoother ride. Having a proper suspension system also takes stress off your tires and other related components. struts

As shocks and struts wear, more steering corrections may be required to successfully complete even basic manoeuvres with precision. Further, worn shocks will, when the vehicle accelerates from a stop perform what is called “acceleration squat”, resulting in traction loss and reduced steering control – most noticeable in front wheel drive vehicles. Similarly, sudden braking may result in a nose dive – the front end of the car drops and will also result in a loss of control. Or even when taking a corner aggressively, you feel your vehicle shifting to the outside of the turn. All indications of an issue.

Should you experience any or all of these symptoms, come in to Columbia Auto Service and Tire Centre in Waterloo, especially if your truck or car has more than 80,000 kilometres on the odometer. There your vehicle will have its overall ride control checked out and tested by highly-trained technicians. You see, preventative maintenance is an essential part of owning any vehicle. Keeping your vehicle properly maintained will prevent breakdowns, save you money and will make your car last longer.

Make an appointment with Columbia Auto Service online or call (519) 885-3520 if you notice anything out of the ordinary. There’s never a problem with preventative maintenance.